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BOSHI is Selling With Amazon

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Wenzhou Boshi Safety Products Co.,Ltd has opened a store on Unlike Taobao which is crowded with promotion, colorful pictures, false titles, only clear sales pages are allowed in Amazon. In other words,no false information-what you present on Amazon is what you are going to sell. It is a much more direct way than Taobao, and builds a better shopping atmosphere to the customers since they can get the information in a short time. Amazon is aimed at establishing a platform where the customers can buy quality goods. That’s also the wish of BOSHI.
It is the first step of Boshi to step in the America’s largest retail online store. We hope that we could expand our business in the oversea market in this way. We believe that selling on Amazon could help Boshi to promote its image and build its brand.
To sell on Amazon is a great challenge to BOSHI. But, BOSHI will try the best to run the online shop on Amazon.
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