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BOSHI’s Second Donation to Hurricane-sricken Area

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According to the city flood control headquarter, typhoon NO.17 Catfish has caused a great damage in Wenzhou: 11,066,000 victims, 303 ruined house, 598,100 acres of crops affected, 772 roads blocked, electricy power cut off, communication disabled. Besides, Catfish has destroyed 983 enbankments, 965 revetments, 14 sluice gates and 1870 irrigation facilities. The economic loss has reached ¥359,800,000,000.
On September 29th, general manager Huang of Wenzhou Boshi Safety decided to donate 1,000 pieces of water-activated lights to local red cross in Wenzhou. Manager Huang expressed that it is our responsibility as a company to help those in need. At 4:00pm, sales manager Sun with other colleagus went to Wenzhou Red Cross and donated our goods. They were welcomed by chairman Yau. On September 30th, staff from Wenzhou Red Cross left for disaster-hit area, and gave out lights to local residents.
Chairman Yao had a talk about water-activated light with manager Sun. He said:”Due to the influence of Meranti, Hongkong Red Cross made donation, including some hand-driven lights, a light activated through the transformation from kinetic energy to electrical energy. But your company’s water-activated lights are more convenient, compared  to that one. We very appreciate your donation. Allow me to express thankness on the behalf of local Red Cross.”
When we posted this article, typhoon has goen already. According Wenzhou Red Cross, people continue donating goods and money. Wenshou Boshi Safety Products Co., Ltd always remebers to give a hand to those people in nedd. Love can not be stopped by disaster


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