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Beijing Exhibition successfully concluded and comes the Canton Fair

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canton fair
The Beijing Exhibition just ended successfully, Boshi Safety Product cut a figure in the exhibition, this is the first time
showed in China our water-add lamp regarded as new product, which is sought after by participators. Our staff needs
to answer lots of questions everyday. In the masses of competitors, our company is welcome for highly cost effective
and the international standard quality. According to our colleagues
 report, the water-add lamp and the safety padlock
have potential.

Furthermore, other colleagues have been to the America with our eight series of safety padlocks for participating in
The NSC Expo on 17
th Oct. Besides the Hongkong Present Exhibition will start on 20th Oct. The exhibitors ya are
preparing actively.

The exhibition process one by one, we will share more information for you. Do please respect!

canton fair

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