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Boshi Safety Integrity to win the World

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In the reception room of Boshi Safety Product Co.,Ltd hangs a pair of calligraphy: integrity to win the world! Stressed our belief of the honesty. "So said, so done", "A word spoken is past recalling,"people without faith, what is he good for", under the market economy situation, when the enterprise engaged in the production, operation and management activities, these old adage is our code of conduct.

First of all , integrity is the core competitiveness of enterprise development.  
In order to be the best and most competitive company,  must focus on the core values. Technology and high-tech can get by learning ,system can be devised, but pursuit of somthing on the level of the enterprises culture and ethics is difficult to transplant and imitate for all staff. Early development of Haier Group, first establish the concept of building credibility. Minrui Zhang broke more than 10 defective refrigerator in front of staff, in order to let his staff know his commitment to integrity management. Chinese richest man, Cheung Kong Group President Li Ka-Shing once said: "a lot of people ask me how I can make the business bigger, without nonthing one word--intergrity". All the United States top Fortune 500 companies have their own moral code of conduct. Porter believes that the interaction of 5 force of industrial competition,  will reflect in the profitability in the industry or on enterprises.
Enterprise's strategy is successful or not is mainly judged by profits. However, the competitiveness of the enterprise depends on how to select values in a set of values . Shared value---the concept of integrity is the power source of enterprise competitiveness.
Secondly, integrity is the cornerstone of enterprises to establish a good image.
Customer's choice of product in the sales process often relies on trust, select product means trust. Ways, methods, content of marketing activities, are a sign of whether the enterprise has a sense of integrity, which is the basis of enterprises to establish a good image.
If companies use fraud in marketing activities, or operate a variety of fake and shoddy goods, then consumers don't accept products, and corporate reputation will be ruined. Once the company's image has a bad impression among the consumers, it will be difficult to make a comeback.
From now integrity is always mentioned, even in complex market environment , integrity is still not abandoned, and our company also will regard it as one of the core of business concept , this virtually tell us, integrity is very important, so in the daily production work, regard integrity as guidelines, safety production and with excellent of behavior culture of honest and trustworthy, will play an important role in the development of Boshi Safety Product Co.,Ltd.

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