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Boshi is with Taishun

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Merantie, the most strong typhoon, arrived at Amoy( a sea city in the south of China). This typhoon brougt heavy rain, causing flash floods and mud-rock flows in Fujian and Zhejian that suffered great loss in economy. Taishun, a county of Wenzhou, was hit badly by Merantie as well.Heavy rains caused landslides and strong winds destroyed power supplies. Thus, Mr.Huang, our CEO, decided to arrange workers to produce 1,000 water-activated lights immediately. Then he carried the lights and denoated them to the local red cross in the flesh.

Although Yueqing is not far away from Taishun, it took a long time to arrive due to the bad traffic situation. Landslides blocked the way, floods covered everywhere.

Local red cross appreciated a lot for our donation. When Mr.Huang showed the staff how to use the lights, they expressed their surprises at the magical led light. Those water-activated lights, they said, could ease the tense of power supply. They promised to send the lights to the places where need lights mostly.

Natural disasters are cold, but love could drive coldness away.Hope that more and more people will give their hands, and help Taishun recover from the disaster soon.

Mr.Huang promised that Boshi is willing to donate water-activated lights wherever and whenever there is a need. Boshi hopes to bring brightness to where power is off as long as Boshi could.

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