How to judge the quality of loto hasp?

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The loto hasp is an accessory for a case or a wooden case, which can make the case cover tighter on the case body, and can also be locked with a padlock, making it easier to open. So how to judge the quality of Loto hasp is good or bad? Next are some methods.

Here is the content list:

l Surface

l Edge and inside

l Material thickness

l Accessories assembly

l Intrinsic quality

Aluminum lockout hasp


Start with the surface treatment of loto hasp. The loto hasp made from a good plate has a very smooth surface, and it is very smooth with electroplating. The loto hasp made from poor plates is pitted, even if it is electroplated for several layers because electroplating will not fill the surface defects of the product. Some will have small bubbles or yellowing and other problems. These are the performance of defective products.

Edge and inside

Start from the edge and inside of loto hasp. A good loto hasp is produced with burrs so that the product will not be scratched or unsightly. No matter how good the mold is for a long time, the product will produce burrs, so it needs to be processed. The poor loto hasp is produced without surface treatment and directly assembled into shape so that a part of the cost can be saved, and it will be scratched or difficult to open when used. This is called cutting corners.

Material thickness

Start with the material thickness of the loto hasp. People often see that good product have thick materials and use them for a long time, while poor products are thin and cheap, and they break down after a long time. The same is true for Loto hasp, a good product that has thick materials, strong stress, more use times, and long life. Poor product materials are weaker when they are thinner, so they will be deformed and easily damaged, have fewer times of use, and have a short lifespan.

Accessories assembly

Start with the assembly technology of various parts of loto hasp. The good and bad of loto hasp, the long and short life span, the assembly technology, and the assembly accessories have a lot to do. When a good product is assembled, the details of each activity are quite flexible. The rivets and springs are all made according to the size standards of the product. Poor products are assembled either too tightly or too loosely, and the gap is too large to sway up and down, and the rivets and springs are also non-standard, which will reduce the quality and life of the product.

Intrinsic quality

Start with the inherent quality of loto hasp. A good loto hasp does not require fancy external packaging, and durable packaging is a common method used by many manufacturers to deceive consumers. Only a good product can stand the test of time.

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