How to lock and unlock the electrical lockout?

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The electrical lockout program is a security system used to prevent accidental or unauthorized access to the power supply that is undergoing maintenance or other work. Through this security process, all individuals working on the same circuit or device have individual locks, and they fix these locks on the disconnected device before working on the system.

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The standard electrical lockout procedure first determines all potential power sources for the equipment being processed. Some devices are only powered by a single switch, while other devices may include capacitors or backup batteries that must be discharged or disconnected to ensure that the device is not energized.

Ready to shut down

All workers in the area will be notified of impending power outages and electrical lockout procedures.

Machine down

The machine or equipment connected to the service line or circuit has been shut down to prevent the equipment from being out of power and causing danger to workers. Never pull the power-off switch when it is under load (while the motor or other equipment they serve is still running), because an arc or even an explosion may occur.

Equipment isolation

All switches, disconnects, or isolation devices required to control the machine must be located and activated so that the equipment is isolated from the energy source (power off).


Every worker who will work on the equipment applies the lock and tag to the electrical lockout device. Each lock and label should show the name of the person who locked the device. Locks and labels should be standardized by color, shape, or size.

Energy storage

All stored energy (such as electricity stored in capacitors or batteries) must be discharged, disconnected, and limited, and safe. The worker must confirm that the stored energy cannot be re-accumulated.

Isolation verification

Check the power-off device to confirm that no power is present. Workers can operate switches or other normal controls to verify that all energy sources have been disconnected and the equipment will not operate.


After the work on the device is finished and before the lock and tag are removed, some specific steps need to be completed. Workers must inspect the work area to ensure that all items have been removed from the equipment and that all covers and protective devices have been put back in place. All workers in the area must be reminded that the power will be turned on. They should keep a safe distance from the equipment they are serving to prevent any problems when power is restored.

To complete the electrical lockout procedure, all locks and locking devices are removed from the disconnect switch or isolating device, indicating that the last worker is authorized to re-energize the line.

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