How to properly maintain and use the drum lockout?

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The drum lockout fixes around the "lip" by completely covering the plug opening without removing the original sealing plug. Prevent pollution and misoperation during transportation. So how should the drum lockout be maintained? What are the usage specifications for drum lockouts? Next are some first introductions.

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l Maintenance and maintenance

l Terms of Use


Maintenance and maintenance

At first, I understood the characteristics of this kind of hardware lock. Remember that the drum lockouts should not be exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time, especially where the rainwater pH is low, which is likely to corrode the hardware lock. If the situation is serious, it will cause hardware problems.

If we need to maintain the hardware locks in normal use, to ensure that they are removed at any time. Naturally, there is no need to freely infiltrate the stains into the locks during removal or use. Naturally, if we have already had it, we can use leaded powder, lubricating grease, etc. drip into the fund allocation to open the safety padlock.

I don't know if everyone understands the basic premise of thermal expansion and contraction. Thermal expansion and contraction will also make it difficult to open the drum lockout. The proper way to deal with it is to make a safety padlock protection system in advance under the condition of average temperature changes, and you can make a plastic case for the safety padlock. it.

Terms of Use

Drum lockouts must not only understand their maintenance methods but also understand how to use them correctly. In that case, it will not only ensure safety performance but also increase its application deadlines and reduce harm.

Initially, you should understand the scope of application of the drum lockout: the use of the drum lockout in the area of the main power switch can prevent unclear people from touching the high-frequency transformer and causing injury. If the power switch of the self-operated control valve uses a drum lockout, it can prevent the exposure of acetylene gas vapor, avoid causing damage to the terrain and the human body, and it can also have the preventive warning effect.

It should be clear that the operation steps of drum lockouts are the same as those of general hardware locks. They are generally equipped with technical and professional keys as a maintenance management plan. In addition, drum lockouts are mostly in bright red to alert the key, and there are many styles of drum lockouts. The operation step is to fix the small piece of hardware lock maintenance, according to the close contact of the left and right layers, and fix the drum lockout on the small object that is always unchanged, and it is enough to lock.





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