How to use the circuit breaker lockout?

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The circuit breaker lockout is a protective electrical appliance, particularly to a circuit breaker for preventing an erroneous operation of the lock, it means capable of closing the circuit breaker, and the current under normal load conditions the circuit breaking, and closing, within a predetermined time and breaking load circuit abnormal conditions (including short circuit condition) at a current switching means. When the equipment in the plant during normal operation of the circuit breaker needs to be locked to prevent people from closed circuit-breaker interfere with normal production activities, when the need for equipment and lines for maintenance in the factory, also have to lock the circuit breaker to protect service the safety of personnel. So, how to use the circuit breaker lockout? Let's understand these methods in detail.

Here is the content list:

l Shutdown preparation

l Equipment off

l Isolation

l App lock/tag device

l Power failure: the stored energy is released or suppressed

l Verify

l Unlock

Pin-Out Circuit Breaker Lockout Standard Suitable for Single And Multi-pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout

Shutdown preparation

The use of circuit breaker lockout and the locking procedures are related to personnel safety issues. First of all, we should determine the type and intensity of the dangerous energy to be controlled, and lock all isolation points and energy isolation devices. Obtain the safety padlocks, safety tags, safety circuit breaker lockouts, and other equipment needed to complete the work.

Equipment off

Notify all affected employees to stop work and shut down the equipment by normal shutdown procedures. (For example: on/off or start/stop buttons or switches).


Operate the circuit breaker lockout to isolate the machine or equipment from the energy source. This usually involves opening an open switch, a circuit breaker, or a closed valve. Note: Do not open an open switch without turning off the device, as it may cause an arc or explosion.

App lock/tag device

Add a safety padlock and tag on each energy isolation device to ensure that it is in a closed state. When the energy isolation device requires a locking device, install a safety circuit breaker lockout, safety padlock, and sign to ensure that it is in the "closed" state.

Power failure: the stored energy is released or suppressed

After using the locking device, all stored or remaining energy must be released, disconnected, restricted, or otherwise made safe.


Before starting any work, confirm that the machine or equipment is isolated and cannot be activated or restarted by the following actions: manually operate the control button or switch to start or operate the machine or equipment, and return control to their off or neutral position.


Ensure that all non-essential equipment or components have been removed from the machine and that the machine is in good condition and can be operated safely. And then restart the machine or equipment.

With high safety, circuit breaker lockouts are used in many places, and the use of circuit breaker lockouts also pays attention to certain methods. If you need to know or want to buy more circuit breaker lockout products, you can contact our We can provide you with complete specifications to ensure the safety of products, innovation, and first-class technology, so you worry-free sale.

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