Introduction of gas cylinder lockout

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With the rapid development of the industry, the gas cylinder lockout is increasingly common in our daily lives. The gas cylinder lockout is a locking device mounted on the cylinder to lock the gas cylinder valve. What is the knowledge about the gas cylinder lockout? The following is an introduction to the gas cylinder lockout.

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Safety ABS Material Gas Cylinder Valve Lockout BD-Q24

Product features

The gas cylinder lockout is made of engineering plastic PP. Prevent unauthorized operation of the main gas bottle valve. There is no need to match the diameter and threads of the cylinder cover without the need to match the various diameters and threads of the cylinder. Can be used for the neck ring with a maximum diameter of 8.0 cm. In addition, the gas cylinder lockout can achieve a safety padlock lock with a diameter of <7mm in the lock beam.


The gas cylinder lockout uses imported DuPont engineering materials, which belong to imported raw materials, and the products are firm and durable and are not easy to aging, with extrusion, resistance, and corrosion resistance. The gas cylinder lockout is handwritten by locking stickers. It uses high gloss paper printing, and there is warning information and personal custom handwritten information on the sticker. It is convenient for the company for statistical locks. The surface of the gas cylinder is smooth, and the professional mold master will control the production and development, the introduction of the injection molding process so that the surface of the product is smooth and the component cooperation is reasonable. The gas cylinder lockout diameter thread does not need to match. There is no need to match the diameters and threads of the cylinder cover, so there is a wider range of applications and higher cost performance. The gas cylinder lockout is built with a concentric buckle, the structure is clever, and the concentric buckle structure is used to solve the problem of different threads of the gas cylinder, and the simultaneous operation steps are simultaneous. Simple and easy to operate. You can complete the installation only for a few seconds to provide you with a more convenient and fast listing.


Gas cylinder lockouts are compatible with most different diameters of cylinders and cylindrical covers. The locking of the gas cylinder lockout is specifically designed to prevent the opening or closing of the cylinder valve, generally used to prevent tamper or unauthorized use of a gas cylinder. Regardless of what the gas cylinders are in the air cylinder, this sealing container can only be used by authorized personnel. There is no need to match your locking device with different diameters and cylinder head threads, and the gas cylinder lockout device can be adjusted and installed in a few seconds. Prevent unauthorized operation of the main gas bottle valve.

Used place

The use of gas cylinders is very wide, and there are many places used. For example, the gas cylinder lockout can be used in oil gas, chemical, electricity, nuclear energy, logistics transport, machine manufacturing, and other industries. At the same time, the gas cylinder lockout can also be used to lock the storage tank, including a propane can and separate propane storage tanks on a truck.

Undoubtedly, gas cylinder lockout has become more and more common in our daily life, If you want to learn more about gas gas cylinder lockout, you can communicate with us on the website. Our official website is , please feel free to consult our company. Thank you for your support of our company.





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