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The lock station is a kind of safety lock storage device, which can be used to manage storage keys, safety padlocks, and locks, to effectively lock large equipment. There are portable and fixed lock stations, which can be used for any application. Here are some introductions about locked stations, let's take a look.

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Product features

The lock station adopts the overall lifting design, the structure is relatively compact, the appearance design is small, the weight is light, it is easy to carry, the actual operation is simple, and the equipment can be easily locked to solve the problem of multiple people managing the same source of danger. The characteristics of the lock station are very in line with the requirements of different working conditions, with excellent heat rejection and cold resistance, etc., ensuring the reliable application of the lock station in different Chinese natural environments.


1. Three types of lock stations are integrated, with various product parameters. It can hold 5 locks, 10 locks, and 15 locks. There are several tags, cable ties, and the lock station is equipped with a miniature safety lock. 2. The lock station is equipped with a visual design, and a dust-proof transparent panel is installed. 3. The mask design of the lock station can effectively manage the company's important documents, locks, mobile phones, etc., and has a flip-up card slot for safe management, convenient and practical. The structure of the rear shell of the hanging plate is matched with the rotating mechanism of the front cover so that the product will not fall when it is turned up and closed, and will not be pried when it is turned down and closed. 4. The structure of the lock station is well-considered, and the reinforcing ribs make the hanging board strong and durable. Excellent injection molding process makes the surface of the product smooth and burr-free. The 4 screw fixing holes can make the hanging board more firmly fixed on the wall. 5. The snap-fit installation of the lock station makes the installation and disassembly of the components very convenient. The bump structure (including the mask) of the mobile phone box and the tag box can be removed by pulling up and then pulling out.


The use of the lock station can lock the source of danger reasonably and firmly to prevent some people from accidentally operating and preventing injury to personal safety. It can also serve as a warning to determine the source of danger, avoid operating errors, and ensure the normal progress of all production and manufacturing theme activities in the factory. Especially when the factory equipment must be repaired, the lock station reasonably solves the problem of the life safety of the maintenance personnel and ensures the safety of the maintenance personnel. The safety lock management station is a kind of safety lock. It is mainly applicable to the locking, listing, and listing of equipment in industrial production sites in my country, to ensure that the electrical energy of the equipment is in a positively closed or open state, and to maintain the safety of the equipment. The lock station can isolate the energy and lock the equipment. The lock station can perform daily safety management on locks, buckles, tags, cable ties, etc.

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