Introduction of loto safety lockout

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Loto safety lockout are special locks that control the power supply, gas source, and control sources of the factory to achieve safety management purposes, and the use of loto safety lockouts is not for anti-theft but warning and security management. The following is more introduction to loto safety lockouts.

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l Purchase skills

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Loto safety lockout is made from surface high temperature spraying plastic treatment steel plate and stainless steel nylon handle. Several people can lock the important parts at the same time, can accommodate 12,13 padlocks. to safety lockout can be used as mini portable lockout, loto safety lockout can accommodate several tagout, hasp, mini lockout, etc. The label message in English. Other langue can be custom-made.


Avoid accidental ways is to prevent prevention in advance. The dangerous place in public places requires safety locks and the first to protect the damage of dangerous goods; the second is to remind more people's risk factors. In summary, the loto safety lockout is produced to protect the security, so anyone else must learn the use of loto safety lockouts, more often used to protect their health and safety. When the equipment or tool is serviced, maintained, or cleaned, the power source associated with the device is cut off. This way the device or tool cannot be started. At the same time, all energy (power, hydraulic sources, gas sources, etc.) is closed. The purpose is to ensure that workers or related personnel working on machines will not be injured.

Purchase skills

First: look at the surface. The loto safety lockout will be plated and colored during the manufacturing process so that the purpose is to protect the safety locks more resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Second: look at the quality. Loto safety lockouts are used in industrial production, so genuine loto safety lockouts will be heavier; weightless loto safety lockouts have the suspicion of the material in the material, and the quality cannot be protected by safety locks. Third: See safety. Formal manufacturers' hardware loto safety lockouts have instructions and certificates, and after testing hardware locks can protect the safety of the property.


First: Secure locks can not be put on sunny and heavy rain, especially in rainwater, hydrochloric acid in rain, causing safety locks, seriously leading to the locking process of locks. Second: In daily use to protect the cleanliness of the loto safety lockout, do not give the debris into the lock; can be opened to open the safety lock in the tape from the lead, lubricating oil. Third: The thermal expansion and cold shrink can also cause the loto safety lockout to open difficulty, so the weather will protect the safety lock in advance, you can make a plastic housing to protect it. 5-Scope of use: factory, construction site, hospital, chemical, power plant, etc. loto safety lockouts can also be used in workshops and office listing locks.

I am honored to introduce the information about loto safety lockout for you, I hope my introduction will help you understand loto safety lockout, if you do not understand loto safety lockout, please feel free to contact us, our company website is you for your support of our company. Also, the company provides cable lockout.





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