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Patent Innovation exposed the new product of Boshi Safety

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The new product Adjustable Cable Lockout BD-L02, no matter in the shape or in the detail, refreshing and can be called boutique. In terms of product design, shows the originality of this patent new product.  Boshi Safety Product is quite focus on product details, self-locking mechanism has a small groove, close to the palm, more fluid. In the lock body parts in contact with the person use a concave design so that will be more comfortable and less laborious when the person hold the lock. Lock can be custom labels, which can print trademark and all information you need.
Now introduction in details below about this new patent product, adjustable cable lockout BD-L02:
cable lockout L02


Brand Name Model Material
Boshi(can be customed) Ajustable cable lockout BD-L02 Steel & Reinforced polyamide PA
Weight Dimension Cable Diameter Available length
210g 108*85*20mm 4mm 1.6m
Product purpose Product feature
For industrial lockout devices With self-locking function

cable lockout 1 
cable lockout 2
cable lockout 3 

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