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Round hook with mutifunction Tag BD-P33

Round hook with mutifunction Tag BD-P33
a. The world leading scaffold status tagging system.
b. Fitted to all legal access points, the unique holder and insert ensure that the latest scaffold status is instantly visible from the scaffold build stage to dismantle.
c. The holder displays “DO NOT USE SCAFFORD” prior to inspection, then it is used in conjunction with a choice of three inspection inserts: prohibition, standard inspection and load classification.
Boshi Safety Product-- scaffold tag BD-P33
The most popular status management system for PAT testing & safety harness inspection.
a. Enable maximum visibility with minimal attachment space. The tags are heavy duty alternative to labels which are prone to damage in industrial         environment.
b. The holder displays”DO NOT USE EQUIPMENT MTH” prior to inspection when a choice of three colour inserts are available to use.
c. The holder can be attached to the equipment with adhesive or to the power lead with cable ties.
Part Code Description
BD-P33 Contain “DANGER”and “PROPERTY OF” standard labels on front and back.

 The specification of Safety  scaffold tags BD-P33
Brand Boshi 
Color Red & White
Model BD-P33
Texture ABS/PA6
Special Version The holder displays”DO NOT USE EQUIPMENT” 
Size 92*6*306(mm)
Description Can customize according to the customer

The Characteristic of Safety scaffold tags BD-P33

a. Products use the high strength ABS engineering plastics, heat resistance, cold resistance and corrosion-resistance
b. Several types classified by lock bodies; all different colors available.
c. Support for customization and dedicated service
The application of Safety  scaffold tags BD-P33

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