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Safety Padlock being sought after just like star

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The training introduction
Time: 13:00~17:00pm  19th Sep. 2016                                        Organization  Unit: : Ningbo Yunsheng Special Type Metal Co,.Ltd
Adress: Meeting Room of Ningbo Yunsheng Group, Yangfan Road No.1. Gaoxin Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang.           Number of People:  80
Personal :  ll parts of the group leaders and Lockout Tagout related workers (operator, technician)

        Yesterdayour company  (Wenzhou Boshi Safety Product Co Ltd ) invited by Ningbo Yunsheng Group, training all parts of the group leaders and Lockout 
Tagout related workers (operator, technician). The training course carried out smoothly, our keynote speaker Liu Qiong laments: not many people, but its too 
warm, just like a kind of feeling of being as stars sought after.

        In order that the course go on wheels, LiuQiong prepare the ppt according to her own thinking,By  discussion and modification repeatedly with the sales 
, everything is only a strong wind, she took samples, accompanied by his colleague Wang Xiaoyang, went to Ningbo. In class, the participants who also 
did some work in the lockout/tagout  ma
de some professional questions, Liu Qiong also can answer fluently. Efforts will bear fruit , with her professional kn-
owledge,  she  put across the course with responsible attitude.       
        After the lecture,  the exhibition of samples had been carried out!  The series of safety padlock,lockout hasp, valve lockout ,industrial electrical lockout
breaker lockout and safety lockout 
management were displayed one by one.! The listeners responded enthusiastically, they went to the sample room for watch-
ing the lecture of Liuqiong and other salesmen about the usage and 
application of safety lockout.

Asked about the thoughts of this exhibition, LiuQiong said : Recently more and more companies focus on the security aspects, our safety lockout has a
gorgeous prospect in the future. This 
exhibition not only displayed our samples for the public, but also spread our safety idea about safety lockout, the most
important is confident and professional!

In a word,  the purpose of this training meeting is our thought spread around the each communication with customers and each news.


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