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Safety lock management Boshi make an example

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Wenzhou Boshi Safety Product always praise highly and practice the safety management of LOTO. In the daily life of manufacture,the safety administrator always find some potential safety hazard, but we can nip it in the bud if we adopt effective measures in time.

For our staffs convenience who take electromobile on and off duty, our company install a patch board in the carport,  but we find it existing potential safety hazard when several electromobiles electricize at the same time in the same patch board.  Thereupon the company decide to lock up all the patch board with our electrical plug lockout and safety padlock for avoiding the safety loophole.

There are four patch boards in the carport, the administrator use the largest safety plug lockout BD-D43 to lock up the patch boards. The electrical plug lockout BD-D43 accommodates 4 pieces padlocks with shackle diameter less than 7mm to lock it at the same time. In our carport , one safety padlock is enough. The key is kept by specially-assigned person, when the staff needs to electricize their electromobile,just ask for the key keeper to open it.

Adopt the effective safety management measure, and avoid the potential hazard!  The LOTO can play a important role in the safety protection of the production only for carrying out strictly the lock management.

safety electrical plug lockout

safety electrical plug lockout

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