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Step listing locking

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Step 1: Preparations
Ready to close energy. Common types of energy (electricity, mechanical energy, air, etc ......) and its potential dangers. Place the isolation protection equipment (safety locks), and ready to close energy
Step 2: Notice of work
Notice may be due to isolation affected machine operators and management personnel work in progress.
Step 3: Close work
Turn off the device or machine
Step 4: Work locked
Use appropriate safety locking device, lock all the energy to turn off the device or machine. When locked, make sure that no one can turn on the switch or valve. Then the safety warning labels locked to prevent accidental operation.
Step 5: Test Work
Test all machine controls and circuitry to ensure energy is completely isolated.
Step 6: repair and maintenance work
Depending on the machine usage, for maintenance, such as some maintenance once a month, some for longer ......
Step 7: return to normal operational status
When all the work is done and lockout / tagout device to lift, make sure all tools and mechanical circuit locking devices have been removed. Before re-energized sure to notify all workers.

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