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The Summary Of Safety Lockout Hasp

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Safety Lockout Hasp Description 

Safety lockout hasp, also known as row locks, generally composed of steel hasp and polystyrene lock handle, the usage of the lockout hasp solved the problem of the multiple management the same machine or pipeline , when a machine needs to service, we have to cut off the power and the supply needs to be locked out and tagged in order to avoid turning on the power carelessly and also causing harm to the servicemen.

Safety Lockout Hasp Application

When only one person service the machine, its enough lock out and tag with padlock ,but when there are many people service the machine, we must use the safety lockout hasp, when someone work out the service and remove his own padlock from the lockout hasp, the power still in lock and cant open, only when all of the servicemen have vacating scene and removed their padlocks from the lockout hasp, then the  power can be turned on. 

Safety Lockout Hasp Classification

The safety lockout hasp is one of the safety lockout that our company manufacture. Including PA Coated Steel Hasp, Economic Steel Hasp, Aluminum Hasp, Steel Hasp With Hook,Economic Steel Hasp With Hook, Butterfly Lockout Hasp, Nylon Lockout Hasp, Aluminum Lockout Hasp, Double-End Aluminum Hasp and Double-End Steel Hasp.
Pa Coated Steel Hasp BD-K01 BD-K02

Part Code Description
BD-K01 Lock shackle 25mm(1”)
BD-K02 Lock shackle 38mm(1.5”)
Economic Steel Hasp BD-K03 BD-K04
Part Code Description
BD-K03 Lock shackle 25mm(1”)
BD-K04 Lock shackle 38mm(1.5”)
Aluminum Hasp BD-K11 BD-K12
Part Code Description
BD-K11 Lock shackle 25mm(1”)
BD-K12 Lock shackle 38mm(1.5”)
Steel Hasp With Hook BD-K21 BD-K22
Part Code Description
BD-K21 Lock shackle 25mm(1”)
BD-K22 Lock shackle 38mm(1.5”)
Steel Hasp With Hooks BD-K24 BD-K23
Part Code Description
BD-K23 Lock shackle 25mm(1”)
BD-K24 Lock shackle 38mm(1.5”)
Butterfly Lockout Hasp BD-K31 BD-K32

Part Code Description
BD-K31 Allow to 6 padlocks
BD-K32 Allow to 6 padlocks
Nylon Lockout Hasp BD-K41 BD-K42

Part Code Description
BD-K41 Allow to 6 padlocks
BD-K42 Allow to 6 padlocks
Nylon Lockout Hasp BD-K43 BD-K44

Part Code Description
BD-K43 Allow to 6 padlocks
BD-K44 Allow to 6 padlocks
Nylon Lockout Hasp BD-K45 BD-K46
Part Code Description
BD-K45 Lock shackle diameter 3mm
BD-K46 Lock shackle diameter 6mm
Eight-Hole Aluminum Lockout Hasp BD-K51

Part Code Description Color
BD-K51 Allow to 6 padlocks Yellow
BD-k52 Allow to 9 padlocks Red, Yellow, Blue,....
BD-K53 Allow to 7 padlocks
Double-End Aluminum Hasp BD-K61
Part Code Description
BD-K61 Allow to 8 padlocks
Double-End Steel Hasp BD-K62
Part Code Description
BD-K62 Allow to 6 padlocks


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