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Bozzys is an electronic control lock that needs to be driven by the "lock tongue" to reach the "lock tongue" to reach the locked door or the function of the locking door or the function of the lock. Usually, it consists of two main parts: lock body and keyhole. The following is a detailed introduction of bozzys, let's take a look.

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l Product features

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l Performance

l Selection rules

Product features

Durable, not easy to wear. The good hand feels, all surface treatment uses advanced technology, elegant and gorgeous. Multifunction. It has a snubber and mechanical key dual-control function. Under normal circumstances, a mechanical key can be used in an emergency. In a variety of jack positions, different people use different keys to effectively improve door lock management. To a large extent, safety is guaranteed, and management efficiency is improved.


Bozzys’s engineering material quality processing, bozzys’s products are made of rugged ABS engineering plastics. High-quality processing technology makes it more resistant to it.It is not easy to break to a certain extent. It is convenient to lock, double-open quadrangular lock design, which can be applied to various electrical plugs and air hoses externally threaded joints. The holes on which it locks can be used to lock the cable or to lock the pneumatic outer threaded fittings of the downward curved. It locks 5 pneumatic interlocking apertures: 9.5mm, 10.4mm, 11.4mm, 12mm, 18.2mm. Bozzys’s professional design is wide, professional design, so that the product is suitable for various electrical plugs and air hoses externally threaded joints.


1. The power of the lock: If the lock is weak, the phenomenon of automatic locking is automatically retracted, or the reaction resistance is poor, the lock tongue is not in time, and the meaning of "lock" will be lost. 2. Work current: This indicator is related to the power of the lock and is also related to the temperature in the locked body. Design accurate electrical lock should be balanced between the two. 3. Working voltage: There are usually two types of 12VDC / 24VDC, and more than 12VDC. The greatest benefit of 24VDC is that its requirement is small. 4. Feedback signal: It provides detection functions for some pairs of lock states, such as detection of the magnetic sheet, detecting the state of the lock core. Higher security requirements can be achieved.

Selection rules

Select the environment it wants to use, to be based on the application determination because different environments have a different functional side. Bozzys must be safe and stable as a security precaution. Safety can be measured from two aspects: First, resistance to deliberate destruction, prank and deliberate, diamonds, and other violence. Second, the ability to prevent technology is open and mechanical locks are very poor.

That's an in-depth introduction to bozzys. I hope the higher than introduction are going to be useful for you to grasp bozzys, If you're interested in bozzys, you'll be able to contact us at any time, The company web site is you for your support.





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