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The lockout tags is one of the security locks, the lock tag is usually divided into lockout tags, electrical switch lock, electrical plug lock, circuit breaker lock, valve lock, and steel cable lock, etc., usually locked the label is used with other security locks. The lock tag can be used alone, while other security locks cannot, so the application of the lockout tags is very broad, and the market demand is very large. The following is an introduction to the lockout tags.

Here is the content list:

l Product attribute

l Advantages

l Scope of use

l Use regulations

l Selection principle

Product attribute

Type: Engineering lockout tags Brand: Bozzys / Ph.D. Material: Pure Steel Lock Beach, Engineering Plastic Lock Body Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, White, Orange, Purple. Model: BD-G01, BD-G02, BD-G03, BD-G04, BD-G05, BD-G06, BD-G07, BD-G08 Weight: 66g.Specifications: lock body (length 38mm wide 20mm high 45mm) lock beam (38mm thick 6mm)


1. This lockout tags is made of engineering plastic, which is made of a one-piece shell design, more durable, resistant to temperature difference (-57 ° C - + 177 ° C), anti-impact, and metal lock beam adopt chrome-plated treatment. The insulated lock beam is made of imported DuPont, which guarantees strength and difficult deformation. 2. Complimentary toiletries that include "Hazard" and "Owners": English or Chinese and English for choice.

Scope of use

Lockout tags is widely used in industrial places such as factories, construction sites, hospitals, chemicals, and power plants; designed for unlocking/listing, using a wide range of security locks.

Use regulations

1. Each of the operators entering the device must have a lock, and the locks of each team are uniformly housed in the designated location (set the security lock-eye "; and fill in the" Security Lock Statistics Table ". 2. The lock holder personally manages the key, it is strictly forbidden to lend the key to others, entrust others to the lock, lock should be visually used to use the user's name and contact. 3 On-site locks are only equipped with a key, and the rest of the alternate key is unified by the team leader. 4. The lockout tags needs to be used when the job time is shorter.

5. For homework that cannot be locked, it must fully review and take other effective precautions to form a list of identification, if there is no corresponding recognition list, it is important to lock.

Selection principle

First, it is a lockout tags for enterprises produced by high-name reputation, stable product quality, and good service. Second, it is to check the packaging of the lockout tags when purchasing, is complete, whether the instruction content is complete, can guide the installation of the lock. Third, it is to observe the appearance quality of the lockout tags, including whether the plating surface is uniform, and there is rusty, oxidation, etc.

That's a detailed introduction to lockout tags, I hope the above introduction will be helpful for you to know lockout tags, If you are interested in lockout tags, you can contact us at any time,The company website is you for your support.





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