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The padlocks is the oldest, larger family in the lock world. It can be said that other locks are punished from the padlocks, derived. With the rapid development of the times, the padlocks has also produced great changes, let us look at the knowledge about the padlocks.

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l Features

l Advantages

l Customization plan

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Long Shackle Safety Padlock


Padlocks can be selected, such as copper lock core self-lock core, zinc alloy / stainless steel lock core. The lock-up material of the padlocks is the engineering plastic to enhance the nylon PA lock body, injection-molded molding once, the internal structure is more rigorous, and the temperature test is resistant to temperature resistance by -57 ° C ~ 177 ° The spacker of the padlocks is very good, the open state key cannot be pulled out, make sure the padlocks will not leave.


1 Careful material: The material of the lock body is made of engineering plastic ABS, which is designed with integrated shell, more durable, temperature test - 20 ° C ~ 177 ° C, UV-UV, anti-impact 2 anti-side block beam: 6mm lock beam, rotating to the side behind the lock beam cannot be pressed, preventing false locking, leaving hidden dangers in preventing misoperation. 3 Keylock core: Commonly used 12-piece zinc alloy lock core, you can achieve 40,000 or more. Copper/zinc alloy lock core can be customized according to management requirements. The lock core has a spoon, and the key cannot be pulled out, preventing the key from being lost at the site and ensuring equipment security. 4 Optional lock shell: We are routinely EB lockings, which can choose A, B, C, C, D-lock shells according to requirements.

Customization plan

You can customize the encoding of the padlocks, the lock body, and the key uniform encoding, and the laser typing can stay on the lock body and the key to a certain extent, prevent the key from being causing the key and the padlocks because there is no match. The company's LOGO laser be playing on the lock body? You can customize the color of the padlocks, the regular basis 8-color spot option, you can customize other colors as required. The second-level three-level management can be mounted on the key cover of the mother key according to the packet situation, so that management is more efficient. You can customize the label, waterproof and antifouling PVC in the PVC, which can be reused. It can be used to customize the corrosion resistance. It can be used to customize special luminous materials, support customized language types, and customized typography, which can customize the company's logo on the label.

Use place  

Padlocks are widely used in our daily lives, which is convenient and flexible. For example, in industrial places such as factories, construction sites, hospitals, chemicals, power plants.

Undoubtedly, padlocks has become more and more common in our daily life, If you want to learn more about padlocks, you can communicate with us on the website. Our official website is,please feel free to consult our company. Thank you for your support of our company.





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