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Scaffolding tagout is to better prevent employees from being repaired and maintained, and encounter unexpected operations from the equipment, abnormally operation, and power source release the risk of the goods to ensure the safety of employees. The following is a detailed introduction to scaffolding tagout.

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l Product Features

l Workflow Step

l Purchase Principle

l Application range

Product Features

scaffolding tagout is an integrated, multi-color option, and convenient use of safety. Scaffolding tagout provides private custom services, printing customer-specified content, such as customer information, company logo, contact number, etc. Scaffolding tagout is listed in English and English, in addition, there are multi-color options for each cassette (customized according to customer needs).

Workflow Step

1: Prepare the scaffolding tagout work in advance and prepare the energy in advance. (Scaffold listing) Universal energy species (electromagnetic energy, mechanical kinetic energy, air energy water heater, etc.) and their potential risks. Put your protection maintenance device (security lock) and prepare to turn off the energy in advance. 2: Notice work, the notice is likely to work due to the affected operators and managers affected by safety protection maintenance equipment. 3: Turn off the work, turn off the mechanical equipment or equipment. 4: Lock work, use the appropriate safety factor to lock the device, lock all power energy to turn off the mechanical equipment or equipment. When locked, make sure no one can turn on the power switch or the shutoff valve. Then the warning identifier is prevented from occurring in an unexpected operation process on the safety factor lock. Step 5: Inspection work, verify all equipment manipulating devices and circuits to ensure that machinery can be fully safe. Step 6: Scaffolding tagout maintenance work, according to the different equipment to use the status, maintenance.

Purchase Principle

Scaffolding tagout needs to see the outer condition of the lock, in the appearance, we can judge whether it is cracked and the glaze layer is uniform to determine if the product is qualified. If you find a cracked glaze, you must not buy it, because the cracked glaze will easily fall off after the winter is low in winter. second, to estimate the net weight of the lock. Some of the inferior steel used by some small workshops is not up to standard, and this inferior steel will easily encourage the safety accidents such as drum opening and other phenomena. three to query the relevant qualification certificate of the lock manufacturer, including the certificate, instructions, etc.

Application range

(1) High-pressure work needs to use scaffolding tagout; (2) Work in inductive power generation machine; (3) Ownership must temporarily turn off the defense system; (4) Enter the closed space; (5) may touch In the work of harmful substances; (6) in non-special geography (fiber laser cutting, arc welding welding welding). (7) high-altitude operation and in the pit; (8) in disassembly and assembly; (9) All mining work includes work near municipal drains and underground cables;

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