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Water-Activated Light----BOSHANG New Energy

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Water activated light does not need any charger. Several drops are enough to light it. How does it work? Here is the answer.
It adopts Mg-air battery, a special fuel battery which generates electricity through oxidation-reduction reaction between Mg and oxygen. It is with high engery density, safe and clean. There are four major types of air battery, including Li-air battery, Mg-air battery, aluminium-air battery and Zinc-air battery. Mg-air battery stores rich energy inside, and it is cheap, clean, safe, and steady. So, it is widedly used in emergency lighting, under-sea equipment and offshore oil-field.
After multipile tests, we conculded that it could light up again when you add a second water to the dim light(5 times at most). Put the light at places where is ventilative and drying, if the light dims out but is still with energy. The light can last for 5-7 hours every time. Theorically, it can be stored for ten years under the drying condition. Any liquid can activate it, such as water, bear, wine, cola , coffe and so on.
Don’t look down at it. It can do your great help! Keep one in your pocket, in your can and at you home, and prepare for sudden power off, outdoor activity at night, and wild exploration.
America Eton also sells one type of water-activated light which adopts Mg-air battery. It is sold at $6.39, much more expensive than BOSHANG’s. Furthermore, there is a button to turn it on/off. At present, BOSHANG New Energy constantly upgrads products and has lunched the 4th generation of water-activated. Although JS-1 could only be sold to Japan du to the Patent Monopoly, JS-2 and JS-4 are available in sale. OEM is acceptable.
Here are the details of water-activated light:

Name Part code Picture Description Tips.
The first generation JS-1  water-actived light
Turn on/off button on the top; time control available
Patent Monopoly
The second generation JS-2  water-actived light No button
Economic water-activated light; available in 6 colors
OEM Acceptable
The fourth generation JS-4  water-actived light Double LED bulb; Turn on/off button on the top, time control available OEM Acceptable
Mg-air battery
 water-actived light Used for replacement

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