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We Are Together ----Boshi Safety Product

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Recently, Wenzhou Boshi Safety decorated a wall with a tree in the sixth floor, which was designed by the art designer Zhoujin. The title is that " We Are Together.”
Under the title is a table, which presents what achieved by operational department, customer service department and sales department. Besides, the ones who do
the best will show in the table. The wish tree is a bit special-workers’ photos will be posted here.

One small wall could clearly show the achievements of every department, and everyone wants to show the best of himself/herself. That really encourages everyone
to work hard. The whole company will work for one goal.——Be better, be more united.

As for the team management and building, I know little, but I want to share some fables with you.

One day, the lock complained to the key:“I watch the door every for the master, but he prefers you and takes you with him every day.” The key complained to him
unhappily:“How comfortable for you to be at home every day! I am tired to be with the master every day. It’s not an easy job.”One time, the key wanted to have some
relax. So, he hided himself. When the master returned home, he couldn’t open the door. The angry master broke the lock and threw it to the trash. After he entered
the home, he fond the key and said :“The lock is broken, and you are useless.”Then, he threw it too.The key and the lock met in the trash. They realized that what
the suffered today was due to noncooperation.

There are 5 basic points in team work:belief, carefulness, communication, perspective-taking and happiness.

1. Communication
The war broke out between the lion and the tiger. At last, it destroyed them.
When the lion was dying, he told to the tiger:“If it was not for your ambition, both of us would have been fine now.”The tiger was surprised:“I thought it was you that
always wanted to invade my place.”
Tips: Communication links colleagues and the boss to each other. If you have any question, talk to others.

Two birds lived together. The male bird gather a lot of nuts to let the female one store them. Because of the dry weather, the nuts got smaller and it seemed that the
storage are shortened.The male bird thought that the female bird ate them, so he killed the female bird. However, there were rains in the next days and the nuts got
restore to its original size. Now, the male bire was regret: “ It is not the fault of the female bird.”
Tip: Boss and colleagues should believe in each other. Suspicions will ruin a team.
3. Calm
 Two ravens quarreled on the tree. The quarrel got much more severe. At last, one of the raven pick one thing and threw it to the other one. Then, the good broke off.
Until then, the raven that threw the good found that was her baby egg.
Tip: Keep calm when you are dealing with something, especially quarrel and conflicts. Impulse does nothing but make things worse, which does harm to the whole team.

4.Perspective thinking
The sheep invited the dog to his home and prepared fresh grass for the dog. The dog couldn’t take any more after the first two bites.After several days, the dog invite
the sheep to come to his home. The dog thought that he should not be that mean like the sheep. So, he prepared very good pork ribs for the sheep. And the sheep
didn’t eat anything.
Tip:Do not force others to do things that you don’t want to do. Furthermore, do not impose your ideas to others. Think in others’ shoes, and you will have a better understanding.

The pig started to learn how to make cakes. But he couldn’t do it well. Then, he asked the cock. The cock thought in a second and asked him what he used to make cakes.
The pig said that he made cakes with some bad eggs for he didn’t want to waste anything.The cock said:“Keep it in your mind: only good ingredients can make good cakes.”
Tip: Good ingredients make good cakes. Similarly, only happiness could help to build a happy team. When you enter the office, please forget all the worries and walk in with
a smile face. Only in this way could a team be happy.

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