What are the advantages and installation methods of an electrical plug lockout?

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The continuous improvement of living standards has led to more and more electrical products in each of our families, and the safety of household electricity consumption has gradually been paid attention to and valued. The socket is an existence that cannot be ignored in the safety of electricity use. To ensure the safety of the socket, many families have begun to use the socket electrical plug lockout. But some people say that this is just a gimmick for the business, and the electrical plug lockout does not guarantee the safety of electricity. So, is it necessary to install the socket electrical plug lockout? If necessary, how to install it? Here are some introductions.

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l Advantage

l Installation method

Electrical Plug Lockout box device for Block access power plug during maintenance use electrical equipment


Prevent foreign objects from entering

After the socket is covered by the electrical plug lockout, it is equivalent to a "protective door", which isolates the socket from the outside world. It is difficult for dust or flammable and explosive things to enter the socket, which can prevent the socket from appearing. A short-circuit due to foreign objects occurs.

Reduce the occurrence of children's electric shock accidents

This is particularly critical. When children play with sockets at home without their parents paying attention, the sockets are blocked by the electrical plug lockout, and the children will not be able to insert sharp objects or fingers into the sockets, which can effectively avoid electric shock accidents.

Extend the service life of the socket

If the jack is exposed to the air for a long time, it is easy to be affected by the air and lead to rust and poor contact of the copper sheet. When the jack has an electrical plug lockout, these conditions can be well avoided.

In general, if there are children in the house, it is necessary to install an electrical plug lockout for the socket or buy a socket with an electrical plug lockout. The protective door can not only prevent foreign objects from entering the socket, but more importantly, it can ensure the safety of children's electricity consumption and reduce the occurrence of children's electric shock accidents.

Installation method

Prepare the props

The process of installing the electrical plug lockout of the socket is very simple, but the props must be prepared first. According to the number, type, size, and color of the sockets in the home, choose an electrical plug lockout that matches the color and number.

Clean the electrical plug lockout and socket

Before installation, in addition to preparing tools, the socket and electrical plug lockout should be cleaned. First, use a dry cloth to wipe off any dust and stains on the electrical plug lockout or socket.

Formally install the electrical plug lockout

Power off the socket and press the electrical plug lockout corresponding to the socket directly. Although it seems very simple, it should be noted that the power must be cut off before installation, and the important things must be said three times, otherwise electric shock accidents may easily occur.

In summary, it is not difficult to find that the use of the electrical plug lockout is very necessary, and the installation is simple, which is the best choice to ensure the safety of electricity. Wenzhou Boshi Safety Products Co., Ltd. supports this view. You can learn more about our company through www.boshi-safety.com.




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