What are the advantages of a lockout padlock?

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A lockout padlock is a type of lock. In order to ensure that the energy of the device is absolutely shut down, the device is kept in a safe state. Locking can prevent accidental operation of the equipment, causing injury or death. Another purpose is to serve as a warning, such as the fire extinguishing equipment lock in the mall, which is different from the general anti-theft function of the lock. When equipment or tools are being repaired, maintained, or cleaned, the power source related to the equipment is cut off. In this way, the device or tool cannot be started. At the same time, all energy sources are turned off. The purpose is to ensure that workers or related personnel working on the machine will not be injured.

Here is the content list:

l Has a warning effect

l Equipped with exclusive key

l The actual operation is convenient and fast

l Take adequate security defense measures

Has a warning effect

The use of lockout padlock is used to warn people that they have to approach the live part of the equipment or prohibit operating the equipment. The lockout padlock is also used to indicate where the staff can work and remind of other safety matters that must be paid attention to when working. The use of a lockout padlock can greatly reduce the casualties and accidents of some personnel.

Equipped with exclusive key

Authorized employees are equipped with their own special locks for lockout padlocks. There are special locks and labels and storage places for operating records within the company. The lockout padlocks are only equipped with a key, and the key should be kept by authorized employees who use the lock. Each employee's personal padlock must use a tag to indicate that the energy source is locked and that the employee is authorized to work on the machine, equipment, process, or circuit.

The actual operation is convenient and fast

The actual operation of the lockout padlock is convenient and fast, and it is easy for novices to get started without relatively complicated actual operations. But lockout padlock also needs to arrange training for related employees, including training before taking up the job. Ensure that employees can distinguish the energy hidden in the equipment. Ensure that employees are familiar with the correct "LOTO" procedure. Implement and follow up the improvement actions of non-conformities

Take adequate security defense measures

When some gas pipes, water pipes, oil pipes, etc., if shutting down such equipment will affect the normal operation of the plant, with the written approval of the department manager and the staff equipped with appropriate and effective protective equipment, the lockout padlock can be temporarily not used and the implementation of this program. When it is necessary to find out the cause of the intermittent failure of the machine while the machine is running, this procedure may not be executed temporarily with the written approval of the department manager and sufficient safety precautions.

All in all, the lockout padlock is mainly used as a safety warning, which can reduce safety problems in the production process.

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