What are the advantages of loto?

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Loto, all spell Lockout-Tagout. This is a commonly used method in European and American countries to prevent personnel from misoperation during mechanical and electrical maintenance. It prevents personal injury by isolating and locking certain dangerous energy sources. Lock, isolate, and lock the shut-off energy according to certain procedures to ensure that no relevant personnel working in dangerous energy places are injured. The tagging is to isolate and lock the shut-off energy sources according to a certain procedure and at the same time perform tagging to show warnings to ensure that no relevant personnel working in hazardous energy locations are injured. Then, let's introduce in detail what are the advantages of loto?

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l Reduce safety hazards

l Principles of loto

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Reduce safety hazards

Many accidents have proved that personnel lacking safety awareness and ignoring the loto will often cause major safety accidents. For example, the production department of a company-issued an order for the maintenance of lifting equipment. At that time, the safety management department stipulated that the power must be cut off before maintenance, but the two maintenance workers had low safety awareness and forgot to carry the safety warning sign during maintenance. One of the employees directly wrote a note prohibiting closing and pasted it on the power switch of the equipment to be repaired and started repairing. When the employee at this station wanted to use the driving, he would switch on at will. Unexpectedly, there were people inside, which caused the employee to switch on and cause an accident. This shows that the use of loto is very necessary.

Principles of loto

1. Before starting the loto, identify possible dangerous energy sources.

2. Before the operation, make sure that the relevant energy isolation measures are in place during the work.

3. Where locks can be used, do not individually tag them, and where locks cannot be used, formulate special tagging procedures, and take measures equivalent to locking.

4. Personnel entering the locked area should be aware of the dangers they may be exposed to.

5. The status of the loto should be communicated with relevant operators in time.

6. Before energy removal and isolation, the hazards of energy must be identified.

7. Check the effectiveness of energy isolation measures.

8. For all electrical hazards, a power-off test must be carried out.

9. At any time, isolating the "power source" is more important than saving time, saving money, avoiding trouble, convenience, or increasing output.

10. "Locking" and "Dangerous Operation Prohibition Card" are sacred and inviolable measures.

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