What are the characteristics of lockout locks?

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Lockout locks are used to prevent equipment or personnel injury accidents caused by accidental operation of the power system or the sudden release of harmful energy sources (such as electricity, compressed air, hydraulic pressure, etc.) during equipment maintenance, installation, and debugging equipment transformation. Lockout locks can make the production process safer. Let us take a closer look at the characteristics of lockout locks.

Here is the content list:

l Reduce the occurrence of safety accidents

l Has more advantages

l Act as a warning

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Reduce the occurrence of safety accidents

Safety accidents are hard to prevent. Even in projects with good safety facilities, various accidents may occur. Supervision units need to fulfill their due responsibilities in terms of safety. Especially for projects with higher risks, our supervision work should be more cautious. Be cautious, do a good job of pre-and in-process materials and on-site management, and use some safety equipment during the production process, such as lockout locks, to effectively ensure on-site safe production. The use of lockout locks can enable the production process to be carried out in compliance with material conditions and work order, prevent production accidents such as personal injuries and property losses, eliminate and control dangerous and harmful factors, and protect personal safety and health, equipment and facilities from damage, and the environment avoid destruction. Must pay attention to safety in production.

Has more advantages

The appearance of the lockout lock is similar to the ordinary civilian padlock, but there are many differences between the safety padlock and the ordinary civilian padlock. Safety lock padlocks are generally made of ABS engineering plastics, while civil padlocks are generally metal; the main purpose of locking padlocks is to warn rather than prevent theft, and the main purpose of ordinary civil padlocks is to prevent theft; the lock beam of the lockout lock cannot automatically rebound. Open type, with key function, while ordinary civilian padlocks are just the opposite; ordinary civilian lockout locks generally lock with keys, and safety padlocks can be equipped with multiple keys, divided into management locks and ordinary locks; safety padlocks are often exposed to acid and alkali environments Special treatment is required, and ordinary civilian padlocks are usually not used.

Act as a warning

The use of lockout locks is used to warn people that they must approach live parts of the equipment or prohibit operating the equipment. Lockout locks are also used to indicate where workers can work and to remind other safety matters that must be paid attention to when working. The use of lockout locks can greatly reduce the casualties and accidents of some personnel.

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