What are the structural classifications of the switch lockout?

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The switch lockout is a detachable button and rotating switch cover to prevent contact with the switch or control. According to different standards, switch lockouts can be divided into different types. According to the internal structure classification of the switch lockout, there are the following common ones.

Here is the content list:

l Marble structure switch lockout

l Leaf structure switch lockout

l Magnetic structure switch lockout

l Chain structure switch lockout

l Number structure switch lockout

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Marble structure switch lockout

The switch lockout of this structure uses cylindrical marbles to set obstacles in the lock core so that the lock core cannot be rotated and achieves the locking effect. The marble structure is also one of the commonly used structures of locks. There is a kind of lock whose body is made of metal sheets stacked on top of each other, giving people a thick and sturdy-feeling. It is called a "melaleuca lock", but its internal structure is also a marble structure, so it is also a marble structure type of padlock.

Leaf structure switch lockout

The switch lockout of this structure uses sheet metal of different shapes to act as an obstacle and achieve the purpose of locking. Such a structure is often used in zinc alloy or its alloy locks.

Magnetic structure switch lockout

The switch lockout of this structure adopts a magnetic lock core system based on the principle of magnetic repulsion. Between the lock core groove and the safety pin, a constant magnetic metal partition with the same magnetic plate as the key is installed, and the key does not directly contact the safety pin. When the slotless magnetic key is smoothly inserted into the lock core slot and rotated, the key touches the metal partition, generating a strong repulsive force, and the lock can be opened easily. In addition, the principle of magnetic attraction is used to close the metal plate and open the lock with a spring.

Chain structure switch lockout

The switch lockout of this structure is composed of the main lock and the auxiliary lock. The main and auxiliary locks have mutual protection and are interrelated. Connecting two auxiliary locks will lock the main lock. The main lock can only be opened after opening and removing the two auxiliary locks.

Number structure switch lockout

The switch lockout of this structure is to install a sliding plate mechanism on the lock body shell of the lock. The hole is connected with the slot, which can move and rotate, and the dial is connected with the rotator. The rotator is equipped with tooth-shaped or cam-shaped metal blades, which can rotate and move. As long as the number is dialed, the lock can be opened by itself, and this type of lock has no key.

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