What are the types of padlock master keys?

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Due to the management function of a safety padlock, one padlock can be equipped with multiple keys. These keys are divided into multiple types due to different functions and permissions. Usually, these keys form a key management system for the safety padlock. There are main types of keys that cannot be opened, keys that can be opened, master keys with different openings, and master keys with the same opening. Let us take a closer look at the types of padlock master keys.

Here is the content list:

l Unlockable key series

l Open key series

l Different unlocking master key series

l Same-opening master key series

Nylon Shackle Safety Padlock with Master Keys

Unlockable key series

Each safety padlock has a unique key, and the lock and the lock cannot be opened mutually; Compared with the padlock master key, this kind of key can only open a security padlock, which is not universal and has certain limitations. Only by inserting the corresponding key teeth to fit the lock completely and aligning the drive pin with the uppercut surface of the lock cylinder can the lock be turned and unlocked. The principle of the master key is to add one or more drive pins to increase the probability of alignment.

Open key series

All the safety padlocks and safety padlocks in the designated group can be opened to each other, and anyone or several keys can open all the padlocks in the group. Multiple groups can be specified, and the groups cannot be opened to each other.

Different unlocking master key series

Each safety padlock in the designated group is controlled by a unique key. The safety padlock and the safety padlock cannot be mutually opened, but there is a master key to open all the safety padlocks in the group; multiple groups can be customized, and the group can be customized. The master keys cannot be mutually opened, but a higher-level master key can be designated to open all the padlocks in the group.

Same-opening master key series

After multiple groups of the same-opening key series in the group, if you need to designate a higher-level supervisor to open all groups, you can add the padlock master key. The padlock master key is made of many toggle tools such as steel wire, iron sheet, tooth mold, etc., using some very common mechanical mechanics principles, using clever force to toggle the lock core to achieve the non-destructive, non-obvious opening of various types The purpose of the lock. Under certain conditions, using the padlock master key is even faster and more convenient than the original key. Different locks have different mechanisms and structures and use different unlocking tools, and there is no very fixed pattern.

The locking beam of the safety padlock cannot be automatically opened and has the function of retaining the key, while the ordinary civilian padlock is just the opposite; the ordinary civilian padlock is generally a lock with a key, and a safety padlock generally can be equipped with multiple keys, which are divided into management Locks and ordinary locks, namely padlock master key.

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