What is the principle of the master key padlock?

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A master key means that each padlock has a separate key, but a master key can also be used. Master key padlocks are often used in our lives. But how much do you know about its principle? Here are some introductions.

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l Cylindrical lock design

l Pin design

l Special design

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Cylindrical lock design

Although master key padlocks come in various shapes and sizes, and there are many novel design changes, most locks are based on a fairly similar concept. The most common lock design is a cylindrical master key padlock. In this design, the key turns a cylinder (or lock core) to drive the attached lock tongue. When the lock cylinder rotates in one direction, the bolt retracts the lock bolt so that the door can be opened. When the lock cylinder rotates in the other direction, the lock tongue releases the lock spring, and the spring is engaged with it so that the door cannot be opened.

Pin design

There is a mechanism inside the cylindrical master key padlock, and only the correct key can be unlocked. The main difference between different lock designs lies in this mechanism. The most common type of mechanism is the pin design.

The main component of a pin lock is a row of small pins of varying lengths. These pins are divided into several pairs. Each pair of pins is put into a pin slot. The pin groove extends from the center of the cylindrical lock cylinder (hereinafter referred to as the "inner lock cylinder") upwards to the lock cylinder housing (hereinafter referred to as the "outer lock cylinder") on the periphery of the lock cylinder. The spring on the top of the pin groove presses each pair of pins into the inner lock cylinder.

When the key is not inserted, the lower pin of each pin pair is completely submerged in the inner lock cylinder, while the upper pin is partly in the inner lock cylinder and part in the outer lock cylinder. The upper pin at this position clamps the inner lock cylinder on the outer lock cylinder, so the inner lock cylinder cannot rotate.

When the key is inserted, a series of notches on the key will push the pin pair upward to varying degrees. If the key is wrong, most of the upper pins will still be part of the bolt and partly in the frame after being pushed by the key. The correct key fits each pair of pins exactly so that the two pins are aligned exactly at the junction of the cylinder and the frame-this position is called the shear line.

Special design

Some locks are designed to use two different keys. The special key can only open your lock. The master key can not only open this lock, but also other locks in the same group. In these locks, several pin pairs are separated by a third pin. This third pin is called the main piece or spacer.

When there are three pins in the pin slot, there are two ways to move the pins to the proper position to open the master key padlock. The special key will make the shear line just above the top of the universal wafer after the pin is jacked up, and the master key will make the shear line just below the bottom of the universal wafer after jacking up the pin. In both cases, the sheer line will form a gap, allowing the key to turning the lock cylinder.

In this lock design, the length of the bottom pin in each lock of the same group is the same, but the length of the main piece is different. In this way, a person with a master key can open any lock in the same group, while a person with a special key can only open his lock.

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