What is the role of lockout padlock?

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Industry development has brought countless things to mankind. However, in the production process, it is not so smooth. If you are not careful, accidents can happen at any time. Some accidents are hard to avoid, and some accidents can be avoided. The LOTO safety lock solves the safety problems caused by the misoperation of the energy source. Next, let us introduce what is the function of the padlock.

Here is the content list:

l Isolate dangerous energy sources

l Warning function

l Management function

l Applicable fields of safety padlock

Long Shackle Safety Padlock

Isolate dangerous energy sources

The safety lockout padlock is one of the types of LOTO safety locks. It can be used alone or in combination with other types of safety locks to isolate the energy source and prevent other workers from operating mistakes. Other safety locks cannot be used alone, so it can be seen that the use range of safety lockout padlocks is very wide.

Warning function

The safety lockout padlock does not have an anti-theft function, but it has a warning function. When someone puts on the safety lockout padlock, it is to warn others that the equipment here may be dangerous and it is forbidden to operate or approach.

Management function

The safety lockout padlock also has management functions. A lock can be equipped with multiple keys. Because of the different functions and permissions, it can form a key management system for a safety padlock. Manage safety padlocks more scientifically to prevent accidents.

Due to the management function of a safety padlock, one padlock can be equipped with multiple keys. These keys are divided into multiple types due to different functions and permissions. Usually, these keys form the key management system of the safety padlock:

Unlockable key series: each safety padlock has a unique key, and the lock and the lock cannot be opened mutually.

Open key series: All the safety padlocks and safety padlocks in the designated group can be opened to each other, and anyone or several keys can open all the padlocks in the group. Multiple groups can be specified, and the groups cannot be opened to each other;

Different unlocking master key series: each safety padlock in the designated group is controlled by a unique key. The safety padlock and the safety padlock cannot be mutually opened, but there is a master key to open all the safety padlocks in the group; multiple groups can be customized, and the group can be customized. The master keys cannot be mutually opened, but a higher-level master key can be designated to open all the padlocks in the group.

Same-opening master key series: After multiple groups of the same-opening key series in the group, if you need to designate a higher-level supervisor to open all groups, you can add the same-opening master key.

Applicable fields of safety padlock

Safety locks can be used to ensure safety in various situations such as electrical switches, valve switches, equipment maintenance, and operating parts that are not allowed. To adapt to more scenarios, we have developed safety lockout padlocks with a variety of materials and functions.

Padlock difference

The appearance of the safety lockout padlock is similar to the ordinary civilian padlock, but there are many differences between the safety lockout padlock and the ordinary civilian padlock. Safety padlocks are generally made of ABS engineering plastics, while civil padlocks are generally metal; the main purpose of safety lockout padlocks is to warn and not prevent theft, and the main purpose of ordinary civilian padlocks is to prevent theft; the lock beam of safety padlocks cannot be automatically rebounded. Open, with key retention function, while ordinary civilian padlocks are just the opposite; ordinary civilian padlocks are generally a lock with a key, and safety padlocks can be equipped with multiple keys, which are divided into management locks and ordinary locks; safety lockout padlocks are often Exposure to acid-base environments requires special treatment, while ordinary civilian padlocks are usually not used.

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