What is the type and working principle of the breaker lockout?

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The breaker lockout can be used to lock large and medium-sized or interlocking shut-off valve rockers. In addition, it can also be applied to high and low-voltage power distribution cabinets and power distribution cabinets. So, what are the classifications of breaker lockout s? How does it work? Here are some introductions.

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l Types of breaker locks

l The working principle of the breaker lockout

Simple Circuit Breaker Lockout Lock All Kinds of Circult Breakers

Types of breaker locks

Breaker lockouts are generally divided into four types: miniature breaker lockouts, large breaker lockouts, universal breaker lockouts and small breaker lockouts.

Miniature breaker lockout

The miniature breaker lockout is made of high-strength resin for easy locking.

Large breaker lockout

The large breaker lockout is made of high-strength resin and is impact resistant. The stainless-steel serration makes the lock stronger and is suitable for use on more circuit breakers.

Universal breaker lockout

The new type of breaker lockout is made of steel, zinc, aluminum alloy and high-strength nylon material, which is sturdy and durable. The sliding block is designed to be in place at one time and is easy to use. It can be used with a padlock or a steel cable lock. It is a representative of a new generation of breaker lockouts.

Small breaker lockout

The small breaker lockout is made of high-strength resin. The unique shark mouth design teeth are made of stainless steel and are equipped with fixing screws to provide a stronger bite of the circuit breaker handle. It is matched with an adjustable baffle and scales on both sides of the lock. The length of the switch stroke of various circuit breaker handles is provided to effectively control the loosening of the handle to make it safer.

The working principle of the breaker lockout

The circuit breaker generally includes a casing, a component in the casing, and a handle with the end protruding from the surface of the casing. The operator can move the handle up and down to realize the opening and closing of the circuit breaker. During equipment overhaul or maintenance, the circuit breaker needs to be kept in a certain state. In order to prevent erroneous operation, the prior art adopts a lock to clamp the handle of the circuit breaker to prevent the handle from being moved.

The existing breaker lockout generally includes a base, a cover hinged with the base through a rotating shaft, and a first chuck and a second chuck installed on the base for clamping the handle.

The base and the cover have lock holes and lock holes in corresponding positions. After the first and second chucks clamp the handle of the circuit breaker, the cover is turned over to wrap the base and the two chucks. The lock hole and the lock hole overlap, and the lock is used Pass through the keyhole and the keyhole to lock so that the cover cannot be turned over. Since the cover wraps the base and two chucks, and the bottom surface of the base is close to the surface of the circuit breaker, the handle of the circuit breaker cannot be turned over, which can avoid human error operating. Only the manager can open the cover of the breaker lockout that passes through the keyhole and the keyhole to turn it over. The main problem in the prior art is that the rotation of the adjusting screw is used to drive the second chuck at a slower speed, and the adjusting screw needs to rotate multiple times to make the second chuck close to the first chuck to clamp the handle of the circuit breaker. Therefore, it takes more time to install the breaker lockout.

After reading the detailed introduction of the above article, you must have an understanding of the four types of breaker lockouts and the working principle of breaker lockouts. If you want to know more, you can contact Wenzhou Boshi Safety Products Co., Ltd.

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