What's included in the Lockout kit?

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Lockout kit is mainly used to prevent production accidents such as personal injury and property damage, carry out relevant maintenance and other activities, verify that all personnel is far away from the relevant machinery and equipment, ensure that all switches are turned to the "off" position, connect power or energy, and confirm that the machine and equipment are working normally, and notify the relevant employees that the machine has returned to normal operation. The following describes what the lockout kit includes.

Here is the content list:

l Safety padlock

l Electrical lockout

l Labels and warning signs

Hanging Small Steel Safety Lockout Kit

Safety padlock

Safety padlocks are included in the lockout kit and are a kind of safety lock. Safety locks are usually divided into safety padlocks, electrical switch locks, electrical plug locks, circuit breaker locks, valve locks, and cable locks, etc. Usually, safety padlocks are other types of security if the locks are used together, the safety padlock can be used alone, while other safety locks cannot. Therefore, the application of safety padlocks is very wide, and the market demand is also very large.

Electrical lock

Electrical lockout is a lockout formed by connecting the auxiliary contacts of equipment such as circuit breakers, isolating switches, and grounding switches to the operating power circuit of the relevant electrical equipment, and is widely used in electric operating equipment. Its advantage is that it does not need to be supplemented by other operations during operation, and the locking is reliable. However, a large number of secondary cables need to be connected, the wiring method is complicated, the operation and maintenance are difficult, and there are more auxiliary contacts in series. The unreliable operation of auxiliary contact equipment will directly affect the reliability of the electrical interlock. Electrical blocking circuits generally can only prevent the misoperation of circuit breakers, isolating switches and grounding switches, and cannot do anything about entering the live compartment by mistake, hooking up (removing) the ground wire, etc., and cannot independently realize the complete "five prevention" function. It is an important one in the lockout kit.

Labels and warning signs

Labels and warning signs are an important part of the lockout kit. The tag-out procedure should only be used when the lock-out procedure cannot be used, and the following precautions must be observed: You must pay attention to the degree of danger and appropriate precautions. The listing must be firmly hung on the relevant machinery and equipment. The content of the listing must be clear and easy to read, and its content should include: the date and time of the listing, who will hang the listing, the execution steps of the locking procedure, etc.

Lockout kits mainly include safety padlocks, locking hasps, electrical locks, and valve locks, cable locking, pneumatic locking, locking labels and signs, etc., using a complete lockout kit in the production process can better ensure production safety.

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