Why do you need electrical lockout?

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Electrical hazards can be fatal. It is important to follow the same systematic approach used for other health and safety issues when dealing with electrical safety. It is imperative to know how to work safely with or within the vicinity of electricity because the electrical current in regular businesses and homes has enough power that, if exposed to it, can be fatal. Therefore, electrical lockout plays a very important role. Next, let us take a closer look at the importance of electrical lockout. Therefore, electrical lockout plays a very important role. Next, let us take a closer look at the importance of electrical lockout.

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l Basic principles of electrical lockout

l The characteristics of electrical lockouts

l The role of electrical lockouts

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Basic principles of electrical lockout

1.Never use faulty equipment.

2.Clearly label equipment that should not be used due to a suspected fault.

3.A minimum yearly check of electrical equipment must be performed at the plant including infra-red testing to prevent electrical shock or fire.

4.Disconnect the power supply and remove it from service until repairs have been done.

5.Repairs and alterations should only be attempted by a qualified person following proper energy isolation procedure.

6.Switch off equipment and power sockets before removing the plug from the power source

7.Never use equipment outdoors that is labeled for use only in dry, indoor locations.

8.Switch off equipment before adjusting or cleaning it.

9.Any equipment that can be switched off when not in use, should be switched off.

10.Do not use ungrounded, two-prong adapter plugs to three-prong cords and tools.

The characteristics of electrical lockouts

The electrical lockout is made of high-strength transparent glass resin PC. Install on the wall switch or permanent transfer switch and other electrical appliances, and then operate it after turning it on to avoid accidental touch. There are holes on both sides of the electrical lockout, which can lock the wall plug and is not easy to pull out. It can be fixed with automatic screws or 3M double-sided tape.

The role of electrical lockouts

When equipment or tools are being maintained or cleaned, the power is cut off and the equipment or tools cannot be moved, and all energy sources (electricity, hydraulic pressure, air pressure, etc.) are turned off. The electrical lockout is to ensure that no one is injured when working near the machine. Electrical lockout is to ensure that the equipment remains in a safe state once the equipment is turned off. Locking helps prevent injuries or deaths caused by accidental operation of the equipment.

Safety procedures must be established in production. Appropriate lockout/Tagout devices and energy isolation devices should be installed by the procedures, and the machine or equipment should be shut down to prevent the accidental supply of energy, start or store energy release, so as to prevent injury to employees and prevent misoperation, Prevent accidents, take precautions before they happen.

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