Why is tagout necessary?

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The use of tagout in the production process is not very popular. This is because safety accidents in the maintenance process are habitually attributed to individuals. In addition, the construction of the security system is not perfect, and there is not enough knowledge about lockout/tagout.

Tagout is to protect those employees who are performing equipment service and maintenance by isolating and locking electrical switches and pipeline valves, to achieve the purpose of avoiding accidents and creating a safe working environment. Now, let me introduce why tagout is necessary for work.

Here is the content list:

l The importance of industrial safety

l The role of warnings

l Situations where tagout is required

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The importance of industrial safety

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, in the production process of enterprises, equipment and facilities are used more and more widely. Tagout not only greatly improves labor productivity and reduces product manufacturing costs, but it also replaces people in some more dangerous working in places or areas with severe and harsh environments improves people’s working environment, and reduces people’s hazards during the work process.

The role of warnings

Tagout is to use a tag to warn others that the power source or equipment that has been isolated cannot be operated casually. The benefits that tagout can bring to companies include: reducing medical expenses and employee compensation; avoiding fines; reducing legal proceedings; reducing employee morale; reducing equipment loss and low productivity; avoiding high insurance costs.

Situations where tagout is required

1. To prevent the sudden start of the equipment, a safety lock should be used to tag and lock.

2. To prevent the sudden release of residual power, it is best to use a safety lock to tag and lock.

3. When it is necessary to remove or traverse protective devices or other safety facilities, use safety locks to tag and lock.

4. When a certain part of the body is likely to be caught by the machine, the working area should be tagged and locked.

5. Electrical maintenance personnel should use safety locks for circuit breakers when performing circuit maintenance.

6. When cleaning or lubricating machines with moving parts, machine maintenance personnel should use safety locks for the machine switch buttons, etc. In many cases, as long as dangerous isolation is required, safety locks are required for tagging and locking.

According to statistics, about 10% of all industrial accidents are caused by improper control of dangerous power sources. US OSHA data show that there are approximately 250,000 accidents related to this every year, of which 50,000 cause injuries and more than 100 are fatal. Studies have shown that the power source control plan can reduce the casualty rate by 25-50%. Therefore, hazardous energy isolation and lockout and tag-out must not only be implemented but also standardized.

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