Why safety padlocks are popular?

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Safety lockout padlocks are a kind of safety lock. Safety locks are usually divided into safety padlocks, electrical switch locks, electrical plug locks, circuit breaker locks, valve locks and cable locks, etc. Usually, safety padlocks are used together with other safety locks. Safety lockout padlocks can be used alone, but other safety locks cannot. Therefore, safety lockout padlocks are widely used and the market demand is also very large. Then, let's introduce in detail why safety padlocks are popular?

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l High performance

l The difference between a safety padlock and an ordinary lock

l Improve safety factor

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High performance

When using the locking device, the locking padlock is used to secure the locking tag-out device in place. This prevents the use of "locked" energy. To gain access to energy, the padlock and locking kit must be removed. Lockout padlocks are specifically designed to be wear-resistant, standardized, sturdy, and identifiable to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Locking padlocks have excellent corrosion and chemical resistance can withstand extreme temperatures and are also UV stable.

The difference between a safety padlock and an ordinary lock

The appearance of the safety lockout padlocks is similar to the ordinary civilian padlock, but there are many differences between the safety padlock and the ordinary civilian padlock. Safety lockout padlocks are generally made of ABS engineering plastics, while civil padlocks are generally metal; the main purpose of lockout padlocks is to warn and not prevent theft, and the main purpose of ordinary civilian padlocks is to prevent theft; the lock beam of safety padlocks cannot be automatically rebounded. Open, with key retention function, while ordinary civilian padlocks are just the opposite; ordinary civilian padlocks are generally a lock with a key, and safety padlocks can be equipped with multiple keys, which are divided into management locks and ordinary locks; safety padlocks are often Exposure to acid-base environments requires special treatment, while ordinary civilian padlocks are usually not used.

Improve safety factor

In order to do a good job in the safe production, companies or factories need to spend some time strictly and meticulously inspect the storage, assembly, inspection records, and scrap records of various safety tools and instruments, and one by one for lockout padlocks and other safety tools and appliances. Perform a re-inspection. Conduct centralized processing of unqualified safety tools and equipment found, and issue corresponding qualified new safety tools and equipment to ensure that the safety tools and equipment are all in place.

The safety lockout padlock solves the safety problems caused by the misoperation of the energy source. It has the functions of isolating dangerous energy sources, warning, and management, so it is welcomed by everyone.

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