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How to lock and unlock the electrical lockout?

The electrical lockout program is a security system used to prevent accidental or unauthorized access to the power supply that is undergoing maintenance or other work. Through this security process, all individuals working on the same circuit or device have individual locks, and they fix these locks on the disconnected device before working on the system.

11/ 28 / 2021
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How to choose a lockout device?

In industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory environments, lockout devices are essential to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and guidelines. Lockout devices are usually used to shut down or lock dangerous machinery during maintenance or repair work, which ensures that no injuries are caused to personnel performing maintenance. Lockout devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and devices, such as tags, buckles, kits, circuit breaker switch lockout devices, energy isolation devices, and switch lockout devices. So, it is very important to choose the right lockout device. Next is the purchase guide.

11/ 24 / 2021





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