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The information about scaffolding tagout

Scaffolding tagout is to better prevent employees from being repaired and maintained, and encounter unexpected operations from the equipment, abnormally operation, and power source release the risk of the goods to ensure the safety of employees. The following is a detailed introduction to scaffolding tagout.

04/ 06 / 2022
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The information about bozzys

Bozzys​ is an electronic control lock that needs to be driven by the "lock tongue" to reach the "lock tongue" to reach the locked door or the function of the locking door or the function of the lock. Usually, it consists of two main parts: lock body and keyhole. The following is a detailed introduction of bozzys, let's take a look.

04/ 04 / 2022
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Introduction of industrial lockout

Industrial lockout is degree industrial various of resistance devices. Industrial lockout is quite common in our daily lives, Industrial lockout sit down with locks used in industrial production and industrial application, big choice of uses, primarily used in intelligent self-service terminals, personal computers, transportation, storage instrumentation, and transmission and distribution. Let's take a glance at sort of its knowledge.

03/ 29 / 2022
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How to use valve lockout

It is not uncommon for safety accidents caused by valve openings to be accidentally opened in the inspection and repair work at the worksite. so what should I do now? The valve lockout can solve this problem. Valve lockouts belong to a category of industrial safety locks. The purpose is to ensure that the equipment using the valve is closed and kept in a safe state. Prevent accidental operation of valve equipment, causing injury or death. Next, let us take a closer look at how to use the valve lockout.

12/ 22 / 2021





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