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What are the advantages of a lockout padlock?

A lockout padlock is a type of lock. In order to ensure that the energy of the device is absolutely shut down, the device is kept in a safe state. Locking can prevent accidental operation of the equipment, causing injury or death. Another purpose is to serve as a warning, such as the fire extinguishing equipment lock in the mall, which is different from the general anti-theft function of the lock. When equipment or tools are being repaired, maintained, or cleaned, the power source related to the equipment is cut off. In this way, the device or tool cannot be started. At the same time, all energy sources are turned off. The purpose is to ensure that workers or related personnel working on the machine will not be injured.

04/ 11 / 2022
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The information about scaffolding tagout

Scaffolding tagout is to better prevent employees from being repaired and maintained, and encounter unexpected operations from the equipment, abnormally operation, and power source release the risk of the goods to ensure the safety of employees. The following is a detailed introduction to scaffolding tagout.

04/ 06 / 2022
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Introduction of loto safety lockout

Loto safety lockout are special locks that control the power supply, gas source, and control sources of the factory to achieve safety management purposes, and the use of loto safety lockouts is not for anti-theft but warning and security management. The following is more introduction to loto safety lockouts.

03/ 29 / 2022
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What are the exceptions to lockout?

There are many reasons for accidental injuries related to lockout, such as failure to completely stop the machine or equipment; failure to cut off or isolate the power source; accidentally turn on the power that has been turned off; failure to exclude the remaining energy of the equipment and machinery; The work site was not cleaned up before restarting. In general, work is performed on equipment that is connected to an electrical source via cord and the plug is not subject to lockout. That being said, explicitly sets forth a couple of conditions that must be satisfied to capitalize on this exception.

03/ 09 / 2022





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