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  We have focused on the customization of lockout and tagout solutions for more than 10 years . We have experience in cooperating with hundreds of large companies

  We support a variety of customization, such as LOGO, color, development and production of samples, etc.

  Support the design of related locks according to the equipment

  Support on-site plan formulation, lockout process customization, etc.

  One-year quality guarantee for safety lock products

01 Factory advantage

We have a large production base and systematic production system, can produce thousands of products annually, with the ability to research and develop new and non-standard products, 100% quality inspection before delivery, product quality assurance


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02 Promise

The raw materials are made of imported nylon PA, and the engineering plastic lock body is designed with an integrated shell.

UV protection and corrosion resistance


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03 How to use

From concept training, product training, to the completion of the locking program, the professional after-sales team will provide you with one-stop service, there are professionals in China for on-site debugging and technical training.


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04 Customization

Every year, we customize a variety of safety lockout products for customers on site, and we have independently developed dozens of special safety lockout for customers. At the same time, we can customize logo and safety labels in various languages for you


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05 New ideas

We are committed to the development of new products, we have lock cylinder, shell and other more than 100 kinds of product patents and we have strong ability pf product renewal.


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Wenzhou Boshi Safety Products Co.,Ltd, established in 2011, is a professional safety lockouts manufacturer, specializing in safety padlocks, safety valve lockouts, safety cable lockouts, hasp lockouts, circuit breaker lockoutsscaffolding tags, lockout stations and so on.

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